How to Effectively Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

At this point, we all know social media has become a commonplace for consumers to discover and learn about brands. If you’re not maintaining an online presence – rest assured, you are giving your competition a noticeable advantage.

The possibilities are endless with social media marketing. From increasing your brand’s awareness to building relationships with your target consumers, marketing in the virtual space can add value to your brand in more ways than one.

Although the sky is the limit with what you can achieve for your brand through social media marketing, it is not always the easiest. At WBG, we have a tried and true social media strategy that we implement with every one of our clients — although sometimes it varies, there are always three constants that we focus on: events, design, and hashtags.

Let’s take a look at some brands we’ve recently worked with and show you how we implement the three tactics listed above in all of our social media campaigns to produce measurable results.


One of our favorite tactics for growing a successful social media account is through events. Online events such as giveaways, sales, or contests are a great way to drum up attention and get people to interact with your brand.

With events, you can build and strengthen your brand’s community, which can be done in so many creative ways depending on your community’s interests!

What we especially like about giveaway posts is their ability to incentivize people to follow brands and raise brand awareness. We’re always asking for two or three things in these types of posts: a follow, tag your friends, and, of course, to like the post.

Having people follow your brand’s account for giveaways is usually free advertising in the future since most people don’t end up unfollowing you after. With contestants tagging their friends in order to be considered for the prize, you can expand your brand’s awareness without spending extra money on boosting posts. And as I’m sure you’re all aware, liking the post will help it appear on the discover page, but it also helps it appear at the top of whichever hashtags are used — if you get enough likes.

Although giveaways are great for building brand awareness, events such as photo contests, like above, are great for interacting with your brand’s core consumers. These events directly translate into customer loyalty, just like big brands with cult
followings such as Carhartt or Apple.


Social media loves visuals. Videos, images, really any kind of graphic will always outperform posts that only contain texts. That’s why well-thought out visual designs are key to building brand awareness and grabbing the attention of viewers with the
little time you have.

When it comes to design we like to focus on a few things like color, balance, and lines when creating the perfect social media post.

Each of these designs above execute the aforementioned design principles, but it’s
important to understand why they work.

Colors are hands down one of the most important yet complex aspects of social media design. Did you know that a case study revealed that up to 90% of snap judgments about products can be based on color alone? It makes sense when you think about color theory and its use to create a mood or convey emotions.

Certain colors elicit certain emotions and depending on the brand and the industry it
belongs to, it’s vital to pick the right colors. Look at the differences in the designs
above and notice how the colors vary between brands and the personalities conveyed through them.

Another important factor when it comes to visual designs is the use of balance and lines. Both the use of balance and lines in these designs are pretty straightforward but important to the overall aesthetic of your post.

Without balance, your image can come off as busy or cluttered – pulling your viewers
in every direction and giving them a headache, ultimately forcing whoever to scroll to
the next post on their feed.

On the other hand, a balanced post with strong lines can guide and help viewers understand the message you are trying to deliver. With balance and lines, you can create a sense of harmony and comfort that people unknowingly look for in designs.


Although we’re listing it last out of our social media tactic do’s, it is far from the least important part of how WBG grows social media channels.

Knowing how to use hashtags within your social posts is an art. Use a hashtag with too many posts, such as healthy choices (26 million), and your post will never be seen because you’re competing with too many other posts. Use a hashtag with too few posts like glassjug (7 thousand); then you’ll never be seen because no one is looking up that hashtag.

The trick is to find hashtags somewhere in the middle of these extremes for optimal visibility and engagement.

Another reason why hashtags are helpful to us is their ability to hyper-focus on your target audience rather than blindly posting, hoping someone will notice. With hashtags, you can go to your prospective consumer’s virtual front doorstep and show them how your product or service can benefit their life.

Creating your own hashtag (or choosing a hashtag with little use) for a service, product, or an upcoming event is also a great way to promote brand awareness. By doing this repeatedly, you’re giving your brand the opportunity essentially control this hashtag. Continuously including that hashtag in your posts helps increase your visibility and helps users begin to associate your business with that hashtag, further establishing your brand.

The Results

When these three social media tactics are properly implemented, we guarantee you will begin to see noticeable growth over time on your social media accounts and online presence overall.

Below you can see the data on one of our client’s social media performances before and after we started helping them with their social media needs.

Before we took over their social accounts in April, they were receiving minimal likes, and their engagement with users was minimal. Over the next three months we were able to successfully increase likes, comments, and interactions by adhering to our three big social media tactics: events, designs, and hashtags.

Let WBG Grow Your Social Media Accounts

WeBranding Global is a full service creative agency and marketing consulting network driven to help brands fulfill their true potential by connecting them to the world around them.

We love working with brands to plan and create strategic social media strategies to help you build better brand awareness and develop and connect with communities that interest you.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how we can help grow your social media accounts.

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