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So you’re going global.

You have a great product. Customers love it. It adds value to their life. You know your market. You’ve had success, but you know there’s more. Seems like all brands are going global, entering new markets, reaching new people.

So you try to go it alone – you set up a Facebook page, translate your website, build a new online store. After weeks though, it seems like customers aren’t coming. You still only have 13 followers. One or two lackluster customers reviews. Fine – this time, I’ll hire someone to help me.

They have a lot of suggestions, maybe they set up some new channels, & give you some good designs & copy. Even a strategy document. Wait – that’s it? Now you’re left hanging with a smart-sounding strategy you’re not sure how to implement. Still, customers aren’t connecting, sales are not coming.

You ask yourself, what am I doing wrong? Sound familiar? We get it. Really, we do. Going global can be overwhelming – and it’s hard to know what you don’t know. Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Hi - We’re WeBranding: Pleased to meet you.

We are multinational enterprising experts spanning industries, markets, and countries.  

We are designers crafting state of the art marketing and branding for full product execution and expansion. 

We are Strategic partnerships with knowledge of specialized markets and production. 

We are providing essential consultations for optimal overseas expansion. 

We are your next connection network for fresh business partnerships and client relations. 

Our staff and partners come from agency and corporate backgrounds, we specialize in process and execution. Our full-service team makes sure every step of a branding & marketing campaign runs smoothly and efficiently. We love collaboration. We love creating ideas. We work as a team of passionate collaborators. We are here to listen, to engage, to make your brand incredible and successful.

Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create powerful brands that connect to real people. Our vision: We’re out to create a world where people understand each other fully & clearly

At WBG, we say: Branding is telling a good story that connects with real people.

  • Strong branding makes customers talk about you; weak branding makes customers snicker at you.
  • Strong branding inspires; weak branding confuses.
  • Strong branding shares a big vision; weak branding blabs about product features.
  • Strong branding leads with a WHY; weak branding is an afterthought.
  • Strong branding builds trust & loyalty; weak branding makes customers skeptical.

Our Philosophy and Strategy

Why Choose Us




Our New York-based creative team of marketing and advertising professionals will ensure your business reaches new audiences and heights through the biggest and brightest ideas.

Connect local networks – Consumer / Media / KOL … Our fond relationships with local industry experts and business partners are the necessary leverage to make things happen for your brand. We aim to increase brand awareness and product sales at the same time via online and offline community engagement.

Social, visual, e-commerce and consumer data continuing to converge, better enable new path for purchasing. Our full-service team makes sure every step of a campaign runs smoothly and efficiently by data-centric market research and data-based marketing.

We are not just providing a strategy or temporary solution for a quick boost to success. We want to empower you with the knowledge and methodologies to profoundly and sustainably engage in the US and overseas markets in the long-term.

Reaching The Stars For Our Clients

Your know what is waiting for you on the other side. Your konw you need to do it right. Your time is now. Let’s make it word. We can’t wait to talk.

Say Hello.

Choose to become our client, our global consultant, our designer or our corporate partner, please contact us.

Say Hello.

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Come work with us! We are always looking for great talent to join our global teams. Please send job@we-branding.com