A Marketing Guide for Industry Specific Companies: Technology

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Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all business tactic. It’s complex and varying at times, but when done effectively, it can truly make your business thrive in any industry. That’s why understanding your industry is the key to any successful marketing strategy.


 No two industries are alike, and because of that, some marketing strategies are more effective than others for specific industries. For example, businesses within the financial sector can initiate a social media campaign to generate more sales. Still, it’s safe to say they will not be as effective as a campaign driven by a retail company because of the varying desires or needs of audiences within these two very different industries.


But today, we want to talk specifically about the tech industry. Did you know that 70% of upstart tech companies fail within the first two years? Taking a further look into this study, 5 of the 10 reasons for them failing were directly related to the customer or the lack thereof. This is the biggest takeaway for us as marketers/branders since every business survives by listening and communicating with its target audiences.


 At WBG, we’ve worked with various tech companies to help them grow as a business and have learned a few things along the way that we’d like to share with you today that are the essential needs for every tech company.

Building Your Brand and Brand Awareness


 The tech space is saturated with new companies being formed what seems like every week, so it’s imperative to not only know what unique and specific need your product or service addresses but, most importantly, know the brand story and promises that go along with it to lay down the foundation of a strong brand concept.

 Silicon Valley is full of brand stories/promises that sound something similar to envisioning a future landscape of technological advances that make our lives infinitely easier – we’ve heard it a thousand times. It has become dull, hyperbolic, and disingenuous to the consumer. Your brand needs to be authentic, concise, and, most importantly, enacted daily.


 Branding is the practice of living an insightful company story, which should consist of three main factors: The value your products generate for your customers, how you differentiate from your competitors, and the journey that motivates customers to connect with your brand.

One particular brand that comes to mind that embodies these cornerstones is Mailchimp. Unlike most SaaS or tech companies, Mailchimp doesn’t try to be some sleek, futuristic entity that doesn’t feel human. They’re quirky, fun, relatable, and show throughout every aspect of their business. Despite its content being on the goofier side, it’s still highly informative, thus making them one of the most down-to-earth and approachable brands in the tech space.


Now that you know what to do to build your brand, what is it exactly do you get from it? Well, the short answer: Brand equity. This, in turn, leads to better relationships with customers leading to growth and repeat business, a more substantial customer preference for your products allowing for product expansion, and finally, a stronger reputation amongst employees allowing for better talent and retention.


Content Marketing


 It’s no surprise that content is king, and with a uniquely developed brand, content marketing can exponentially grow your tech business. Over the years, content marketing has become the new norm for interacting with consumers, and it’s not going away anytime soon since it generates 3 times as many leads as outbound marketing.


Content marketing is crucial within the tech landscape because of its ability to separate you from the sea of your competitors. Many companies say the same recycled jargon about innovation, cutting-edge, and being on the forefront of technological advancement, but with consistent, original, high-quality content, you can position yourself as an actual authority figure rather than a run-of-the-mill generic brand.

One company that understands these ideas and the power of content marketing is Blendtec. Their massively popular YouTube series ‘Will it Blend’ is a simple but uniquely entertaining concept that sets them apart from the other thousand companies just like them. Using their blender products, the company tosses ridiculous objects to see if their patented blade technology will shred them. Their most viewed video has 18 million views. ‘Will it Blend’ is a content marketing masterpiece that’s platform-specific, respecting the kind of content YouTubers love.

These videos have now directly translated into audiences trusting them more and sticking around longer (I know I have).


Creating positive experiences and building relationships with your customers can help alleviate many concerns, fears, and assumptions the general public has about tech companies. Adequately positioning yourself with quality content can very easily sway consumers’ decision-making process, much more than any other marketing technique.

Lastly, as a business within the tech industry, it helps to incorporate proven SEO tools within the umbrella of your content strategy. It not only improves the ranking of your site, so you can hopefully pop up on the front page (fun fact: 92% of people don’t scroll past the first page), but it also helps you better understand what your potential customers are looking for, the language used for those searches, and giving them the information they want.



Although often overlooked because tech businesses are hyper-focused on acquiring new leads, remarketing is how industry titans such as Apple are created. You have to live under a rock not to understand how devoted Apple supporters are to their products and the ongoing ‘war’ between Apple and Android. They have reached new plateaus partly because they understand the importance of remarketing and its direct correlation to customer retention rates.


 Along with your remarketing efforts comes an increase in brand awareness and conversion in sales. By staying in the eye of prospective and current consumers, you’re allowing your company another opportunity to tell your story and engage with audiences in a meaningful way that can even end up attracting your competitor’s customers.



How to Market Your Industry the Most Effectively


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