Our Specialties

Brand & Storytelling
Communicate with Inspiration & “Wow” Your Audience

We specialize in delivering best-in-class, on-trend content for our clients to establish the brand story and then develop a brand voice with accompanying visual assets.  From memorable campaign stories to brand-owned content development, we have the modern creative resources you need to connect with today’s consumers.

Brand Strategy

Suitable for global and local market

Brand Positioning

Differentiated positioning from competitive brands

Brand Story

Easily resonate with consumers and cater to the brand spirit

Brand Slogan

Simple, easy to understand/read/remember, strong relevant and beneficial

Visual Design

NYC-centric creative design team

Social Media

Operation and Maintenance: Website/FB/IG/TW, etc.

Photo Shooting

Hollywood/Senior Veteran Photographer

Commercial Video

Dedicated actors from Broadway

Consumer Insights
Really Get to Know Your Future Customers

Our experts from McKinsey/Nielsen/Kantar will help you identify market demands and opportunities, develop comprehensive marketing and sales strategies catered to each brand through brand study and thoughtful market research and analysis.

Desktop Research

Public Data Integration Analysis

  • Market Environment/Scale/Trend
  • Main Brands/Existing Categories
  • Market Share/Sales Channels
  • Marketing Communication Methods/ Channels

Quick Exploration

Establishing a preliminary understanding of the target market through basic desktop research.

Qualitative Research

In-depth Interviews with Industry Experts

  • Consumer Behavior/Attitude
  • Pros and Cons of Existing Brands
  • Insight into User Pain Points
  • Identify Market Opportunities

Strategy Reference 

Dig deep into industry trends and consumer preferences, identify market opportunities.

Quantitative Research

Online Questionnaire consumer Survey

  • Market Potential Verification
  • Market Opportunity Verificatio
  • Product Portfolio Strategy & Marketing Communication Strategy Recommendations

Comprehensive Analysis 

Verify market potential and opportunities, guide product and marketing strategies.

Performance-Driven Digital Marketing
Put Your Message Right in the Customer’s Hand

Operational analysis capabilities capture new insights and top opportunities for clients. We use data that empowers brands to connect with global and local consumers by precisely pinpointing the client’s potential target group, resulting in increased brand awareness and larger sales volumes.

  • Social Media Account Set Up, Operation and Maintenance
  • Content Operation
  • Followers Operation
  • Event Operation
  • Official Website Diversion
  • Data Monitoring
  • Google SEO
  • Google Business
  • Facebook Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Ads Management & Optimization
  • Data Monitoring Reporting and Marketing Recommendation
  • Strategy & Planning 
  • Content & Creative
  • Management & Optimization