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Business Research

Global and regional market research; international policy influence and risk control; consumer insight.

Brand Strategy

Strategic positioning; brand story and visual design; brand website and social media and other public communication platforms.

Integrated Marketing

Consumer experience and interactive operation; continuous content creation and public relations communication; public welfare and experiential marketing.

Sales Support

Accurate placement of data-driven advertising; multi        channel sales strategy; data value-added services.                                                                  

WBG brand service project

Annual full case service

  • Business research: overall industry scale and trend research, local market and consumer research, insight into potential demand, identification and verification of market potential and opportunities.
  • Brand strategy: brand strategic positioning, brand story shaping, brand visual design, establishment and optimization of public communication platforms such as brand websites and social media.
  • Integrated marketing: Carry out consumer interaction, continue content creation and public relations communication, plan public welfare and experiential marketing activities, and build and enhance the overall brand image.
  • Sales support: consumer accurate profile analysis, data-driven advertising strategy formulation, online and offline multi-channel advice and recommendations, data privacy and compliance management.

WBG brand service project

Market research and industry research

The three major pain points faced by brands in the initial stage of going overseas: not understanding overseas market conditions, not familiar with competitors, and not understanding the characteristics of local consumers’ consumption behavior

Webranding’s top market research experts from Nielsen/McKinsey/Caddo have refined a mature and systematic methodology for overseas research from a professional perspective: industry trend analysis, competitor communication analysis, online sales analysis, qualitative/quantitative special research, in-depth research on the current market situation of the industry, brands and products, helping overseas brands identify potential market demand and opportunity points.

  • Desk Research: Collecting a large amount of public data such as Mintel, Statista, etc. to integrate and analyze the current industry environment, market scale and trend forecast in the global market, helping companies to establish initial knowledge of the target market.
  • Competitor Communication Analysis: Professional media reviews, commentaries and industry dynamics reports to further understand the competition status among brands, strengths and weaknesses analysis, competitor market positioning, communication strategies and publicity efforts. To support the possibility of entering the target market for overseas brands, and to provide a basis for product selection reference.
  • Qualitative and quantitative research: In-depth interviews with industry experts and consumers, customized questionnaire research on target users, deeper digging into consumer behavior and attitude preferences, insight into user pain points, SWOT and STP analysis among major competing products, and identification of market opportunities. Further help brands to determine whether the product meets the target market demand, and how to price, extend and improve product features, etc.

WBG brand service project

Brand Story & Media Brochure

We believe that good brands tell stories that truly touch consumers’ hearts and minds, bridge cultural differences, and inspire trust and goodwill.

WeBranding’s local copywriting experts in New York and experienced marketing professionals who have worked for Fortune 500 companies have formed a very international team that understands both domestic brand development strategies and overseas consumer needs. We have helped many Chinese brands to create brand stories that are applicable to global and localized brand strategies, in line with brand spirit, and easy to lead consumers to resonate with.

  • Brand story writing: Through brand story questionnaire collection and one-on-one interviews between brand experts and founders, we build a corporate image for brands with temperature, attitude, ideals and pursuits. The content covers brand positioning, history, consumer description, brand philosophy, mission and vision, and values.
  • Media booklet production: Produce a media booklet with the right blend of appearance and connotation, suitable for local aesthetics and reading habits, and recommend it to major overseas media. Brand story content is extended and applied to public communication, forming a unified brand communication language on the website and in media reports.
  • Press release distribution: Based on the brand story and product launch information, we create a PR release for the client to enter the overseas market and distribute it to more than 200 comprehensive media outlets across the United States, so as to make the first sound of the brand going abroad and become the official endorsement in Google search.

WBG brand service project

Visual diagnosis and creative design

In the process of going overseas, many brands often invest heavily in the promotion of new products, but often ignore the shaping of brand images and the spread of brand stories. When we promote a global-oriented brand, its visual design needs to be more international and localized. At the same time, the image that brings in the connotation of art and culture will be more convincing, and it will be easier to be remembered and accepted by the global user community.

WeBranding’s creative team in New York is comprised of international experts from leading advertising agencies and luxury brands. We specialize in comprehensive rebranding, which includes logos, websites, packaging, and print and digital media. We not only help clients think outside the box of e-commerce platforms and increase brand visibility, but more importantly, guide their transformation into a brand that has a strong relationship with the client. The spirit of the brand is rebuilt and shines through the re-engineering of visual information.

  • Brand visual diagnosis: based on the brand’s competitive situation overseas, integrated consumer and market demand, a series of brand diagnosis and reorganization of strategy, logo, color, copywriting, packaging and scent through a professional visual approach, from color selection to our creation of meaningful elements that provide better expression and help create a good communication bridge between the brand and its customers.
  • Visual style advice: We create color matching guidelines and mood boards for clients, define international brand symbols, help clients create visual style guides from logo design to font selection and color application, and develop international image standards for brands. Establish a unified brand image and enhance brand recognition and awareness.
  • Design application extension: Guiding clients to extend various print designs in the future, such as brand brochures, outdoor publicity, product packaging, as well as website UI, UX design, EDM, Banner design, with reference to our tailor-made visual system, while giving in-depth application guidance based on social media style.

WBG brand service project

Landmark and scene shooting

Photography is a visual language, whether it is a product display or brand promotion, high-quality professional photos of goods are bound to be the key to attracting attention. It not only needs to seek new ideas, but also needs to have a unique aesthetic value based on the law of commodity marketing, stimulating consumers’ desire to buy.

WeBranding provides professional and experienced photographers to serve the various photography needs of overseas brand companies in North America. We use our professional skills, perception of light and shadow, and artistic pursuits to present you with excellent commercial photography. We use imaginative ways to show the connection between people and products. Through commercial landmark photography, we capture the true personality of a brand’s image from a visual journey, thus shaping the international atmosphere of the brand.

  • Customized photography: Lifestyle photography for brand presentation and promotion, including lifestyle and landmark scenes. We take a unique perspective on everyday life and restore the life of European and American families to achieve brand strategy and business objectives, while highlighting the creative tension, making the advertising photography more visually explosive and attractive, and triggering consumers’ resonance and association.
  • Creative shooting: Photographers who have won many international awards personally take charge of people, colors and other special themes. Not limited to traditional photography, we also have localized creative videos such as unboxing themes, which are mostly used in print and dynamic works that can be widely disseminated on e-commerce platforms, independent websites and social media.

WBG brand service project

DTC branded independent site construction

Overseas marketing has entered the era of refined operation, in order to obtain higher brand premium, independent station will become an important sales channel for cross-border e-commerce in the future, and brand-oriented operation is imminent. Strengthen the brand marketing promotion and operation, and build up the competitive barrier of DTC brand.

Webranding’s experienced platform builders and U.S.-based creative team know how to tell stories, and specialize in using content to create brand tone and mobilize social resources. We also think about the elaboration and presentation of product and service content from the consumer’s perspective. For each overseas brand to create a unique website style creativity, rich content display, with social media operations, PR communication, blog articles, KOL evaluation, EDM marketing and other comprehensive formation of traffic matrix, complete branding and user precipitation.

  • Benchmarking analysis and suggestions: Using benchmarking competitor analysis method, we can diagnose the existing brand station/website content, help customers analyze the advantages and disadvantages, find the differentiation from brand promotion, website style, product explanation, website structure module and other content, provide customers with website optimization suggestions and also provide theoretical basis for subsequent independent station construction.
  • Visual style guidance: From the visual and structural point of view, we provide optimization suggestions on the style of the existing website, such as graphic arrangement, color matching, website promotion header image and feature module design, to give a visual tone in line with the direction of brand station construction and future development.
  • Copy sorting and consolidation: Combining with the client’s decision-making psychology, we help the client consolidate the copy and framework of the brand website construction, and provide guidance on language localization, establish complete and unified content and slogans that are easy to promote, screen media reviews, user ratings, KOL reviews and other copy, and sort out content that is more suitable for the client’s homepage, brand page (about us) and media page.
  • Construction and planning: Combining the above analysis and suggestions, visual guidance and copy consolidation, we customize a personalized brand site design plan (sitemap). Based on the existing brand materials, we will arrange the graphics and text of the modules and plan the extension of the main page, brand page (about us) and other related materials in the future.
  • UI interface design optimization: for the brand station construction content, from the perspective of user experience to optimize the design of the UI interface and interactive elements of the website. Combine user browsing habits with brand promotion to optimize website efficiency, improve website activity and increase website user stickiness.

WBG brand service project

Brand PR Communications

How can overseas brands do a good job in PR communication if they are not familiar with overseas markets? The evolution of corporate overseas PR towards refined operation requires more professional talents, more time and effort to communicate with local media and to build good media relations.

WeBranding’s PR team is composed of experienced local senior media experts who maintain long-term good relationships with media journalists, bloggers, podcasters and influencer.

  • Develop brand PR communication strategies: Through communication with the handlers or relevant persons in charge of the company, we understand the current state of corporate communication and develop targeted brand PR communication strategies according to different platforms and media attributes. With years of overseas media PR resources, we recommend high-quality media journalists, bloggers, podcasters and influencers for brands, and use their influence in verticals to help brands reach their target audience quickly and precisely.
  • Create and update media communication brochures: WeBranding’s copywriting, design, and PR teams work closely together to create and update media communication manuals based on brand stories, product information, communication techniques, and brand visual styles. Utilize professional and mature systematic processes and standardized tools to help communicate key brand and product messages.
  • Reaching targeted media and publishing articles: WeBranding uses a step-by-step approach to build a three-dimensional brand communication matrix. We take mass media as the starting point, produce professional content through vertical media, continuously output valuable news, and obtain authoritative media to endorse the brand.

WBG brand service project

Social Media Operations

Social media marketing has become one of the most important marketing entrances for companies because of its fast spread and high interactivity, which often brings higher exposure to brands.

The WeBranding social media team consists of a group of young Gen Zers living in New York and experienced marketing professionals. We understand European and American culture and the social style of young people, create quality content that fans like, attract more new users to follow, and continue to maintain good interaction with them to continuously improve their loyalty and stickiness.

  • Social media diagnosis and strategy development: We help brands diagnose the current situation of social media marketing, analyze the investment and communication effect of competing products, and develop differentiated social media marketing strategies for clients. Combined with consumer insights and research reports, we accurately draw user profiles and output quality content that meets the characteristics of target user groups.
  • Rich and high-quality content creation: The New York social media team under the guidance of former Ogilvy Art Director produces professional, personalized and continuous original graphics, creative animations, short videos, etc. for brands. Combine with current events, local cultural festivals, with thematic activities to create brand-specific topic tags.
  • Activity planning and fan interaction: Based on the brand tone, combined with user feedback, plan theme activities with strong fan association. Use KOL marketing and industry endorsement to reach potential target groups. While strengthening the brand image, through promotional offers, we can drive traffic to the brand’s independent website to promote sales.

WBG brand service project

Brand Event Marketing

By planning, organizing and utilizing figures or events with news value, social influence and celebrity effect, WeBranding attracts the interest and attention of media, social groups and consumers, helping brands to quickly increase their awareness and reputation, establish a good brand image, and help increase product sales while delivering brand value.

  • Public welfare marketing: Public welfare marketing is one of the effective ways for overseas brands to quickly integrate into the local market and gain consumer recognition. By focusing on public welfare and taking social responsibility, it can help brands get excellent positive feedback among consumers and enhance their corporate image.
  • Holiday marketing: North American consumers generally have a strong sense of ritual, and successful holiday marketing is about stimulating purchase requests, accumulating and converting target customers, and generating profits. Holidays are not only a commemoration, a cherished and joyful occasion, but also a carnival feast for marketing, creating the emotional attributes of the brand and making it stand out.
  • Theme Campaign: Combine with the social environment, gain insight into the needs of the brand, and use a suitable way to realize the emotional link between the brand and consumers. Through a series of integrated marketing activities, such as official activities, Netflix campaign, social media marketing, media communication and thematic promotion, we promote sales while shaping an international brand image.
  • Sports marketing: Combined with the needs of brands, it helps brands integrate advantageous resources to build brand image, create consumer demand and create a good external development environment through sponsoring sports activities. The role of sports marketing for brands is diversified, composite and lasting.
  • Cultural marketing: through the search, planning and establishment of a cultural fit between the brand and consumers, to interpret the uniqueness of the brand with “culture” related connotations and elements. We search for the docking point with today’s society and use culture to influence people’s lives, so as to enhance the added value of the brand, strengthen brand favorability and lengthen the brand life cycle.

WBG brand service project

SEO optimization services

Search engines are an important part of online shopping for overseas buyers, and for brand-independent sites, the spontaneous search behind users means a large potential audience for more traffic and, in turn, more sales.

By conducting thorough, product-focused keyword research and benchmarking against competing brands, we improve the visibility of independent websites in search engine results pages and help brands get more orders, better customers, higher GMV and profitability through keyword optimization for higher natural rankings, exposure and traffic.

  • Website optimization: Through diagnosing and analyzing the actual performance of the website, we organize a clear website structure and build a website structure that meets the requirements of “tree, flat and mesh” of search engines, so that all pages of the website can be found more easily by crawlers and improve crawling efficiency; optimize the URL of the webpage to make it easier for search engines to index.
  • Keyword planning: This is a key step in establishing the website structure, finding keywords related to the product and confirming that these keywords have search volume. Grouping keywords by relevance and competition. Layout the grouped keywords into specific pages of the website to better meet the user’s search intent.
  • Backlink building: Backlinks are crucial to a website’s ranking and can directly improve it. Of course, it is not that a web page can wait for the ranking to rise as long as it has a backlink. Only when the internal chain is reasonable and the content is rich can the backlink play its superb role.

WBG brand service project

Adtarg Data Services

Along with the rise of Made in China, Created in China and the intensification of domestic competition, demand inward, more and more Chinese enterprises have gone abroad to seek gold. However, at the same time, overseas companies are also facing the challenges brought by stricter legal regulation and fragmented information and inattentiveness of customers. Bodin International’s data service (adtarg) platform can help you. We combine data, technology, and law to support you in building a customer-centric compliance operation. Our data pivot system enables you to better define your customers, understand them and reach them while complying with data ethics and regulations.

  • CIS Customer Insight System: The Customer Insight System helps you gain a more comprehensive understanding of your customer base, identifying where your organization’s customer base is strong or weak in market performance and helping you understand who your core customers are; in addition, targeted customer analysis provides additional insights, in-depth industry analysis, marketing strategy mix and advertising placement recommendations to help you market to them more effectively.
  • Data Augmentation: Our data augmentation capabilities provide comprehensive industry data and pre-defined models, and we can help you select better-matched and more effective target groups to help your business achieve better marketing results. With AI-assisted data augmentation, you can get a more complete picture of your customers, better meet their needs, and personalize content to give them a more comfortable and personalized user experience.
  • Custom Modeling: If you want to find more similar prospects with greater accuracy to quickly expand your market, our data scientists can provide your company with custom propensity models; if you need help with placement, we’ll be happy to assist you with placement on more than 100 advertising platforms in the U.S.
  • Data Compliance and Privacy Management: Consumers only share data with companies they trust. In order to succeed in a data-driven world, companies need to gain consumer trust by implementing ethical practices for data collection and use. We provide services to help brands prepare for and maintain data security and compliance in advance by fostering, promoting and supporting a culture of ethical and responsible data use.

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